ABU Reels/Rods Collection

 The Nine Groups of A.B.Urfabriken Reels

Record, Ambassadeur, Abumatic, Half Encapsulated, Spinning, Fly, Pimpel, Mooching and I.G.F.A.

I am working on building my collection slowly, the primary reason being is that I have a strict budget to adhere to. The advantage of this slow process is that I get to know each reel or two that arrive from a particular seller and I have a week or two or a month to get to know it, photograph it, find an appropriate place in the display case and hopefully continue communications with the seller. Ah well, that's my justification for not being able to spend hundreds of dollars whenever I feel like it!

Many friends have sent me items to help with my collecting habit, true collectors who look beyond the monetary value of items and are keen to help a fellow collector!

All Models Produced from 1960 to 2004 by Bob Hulme

My Individual Models grouped according to type

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ABU/Record Combo's for each era

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Marcel and Bob are working on this information to help us all.

Tommie's Records (originally Sweden/Currently China)

Tim in the USA has over 450 Ambassadeurs

Below, Byske Sports Fishing Museum (800 ABU reels)

Owned by the wonderfully helpful Carmilla and Kjell,     please visit them and make me envious!

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          Please e-mail Lonnie Mills [      lemills@swbell.net     ]

          A trusted, helpful and reliable friend to fans of ABU


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