Record/ABU Rods

Details lists of many models are found here courtesy of Tight Lines and Napp och Nytt.   If you are aware of omitted models, production dates, images, and intended purpose, and maybe could supply scans of pags I don't have, please share your knowledge with me

My studies indicate that first came steel rods, solid fibre glass rods, then hollow fibre glass rods and finally Carbolite  or graphite rods.

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My first two ABU rods  are a re-worked Atlantic 484 (due to a fall on the rocks) and ending in a subsequent unintentional shortening. Beautifully customized by Steve Pill of Barra Jacks Bait and Tackle in Rockhampton, it doesn't get a lot of work now as I fish predominantly from my boat.

The other is a pretty blue and mint condition solid glass ABU Caster 122 Zoom from the sixties. It will never see water!

Since collecting, I have now managed  to find Record steel, solid glass, hollow glass, Diplomats (I still need the short handed baitcaster 651) carbolite and in all forms , spin, fly, casting except for the Pacific Boat class rods.

I have at last found a few old annodized handles , both Record and ABU branded in black, green and silver.  This is a speedlock handle .


I once had an ABU Diplomat 622 Doubled handed baitcaster that I bought in London in the seventies.  Alas sadly, it was broken and the only part left was the Speedlock handle for which I'm trying to find a suitable 3 or 4 piece rod blank suitable for packing in a suitcase. The double-handed speedlock butt from this 622  rod was rebuilt on a Fenwick 10kg bait-casting blank in October 1979 by genius and cutting edge rod-builder Jack Erskine of Precision Reel Engineering  of

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By the way, Jack's Bronze Trophy small oblique view above, see larger view of (front and back) of the one eyed bragging fisherman with elastic arms is now gracing these pages  as it has just been restored. It has its little bronze ABU (naturally) fishing rod and reel missing from the stand. If anyone has idea how I can restore this attachment, ie finding another or making a cast from another, I would very much appreciate hearing from you.

We have recently re-met via this website and when he learned of this new failure in the cast alloy of the butt, he immediately has offered a solution to the problem (after 26 years....What a warranty!! Who said quality is not as important as price?) It will be fantastic  to feel the old double handed speedlock butt again in my hands...I could just never throw it away! 

So , in summary, I presently only have two full size ABU rods , one Record 15 Pimpel and the  ABU Pimpel 1 & 2  Ice fishing rod and reel combos at present, but hope to collect some more rods shortly. I would be looking for a steel rod circa Record days, a hollow fibre glass rod and a graphite or Carbolite model from any of the Type 1,2,3 or 4 balanced tackle fishing groups. A replacement ABU Diplomat 662 is not too far away!

If you have any others listed below, that are unneeded  or doubles in your collection and are available for a reasonable fee, I would be very pleased to hear from you. I cannot afford to collect Mint, or unused rods that command high prices  at present, until my children have completed their education.

Any Record rods or Diplomat series, or Safari Fly rod