ABU Reels/Rods Collection

I am working on building my collection slowly, the primary reason being is that I have a strict budget to adhere to. The advantage of this slow process is that I get to know each reel or two that arrive from a particular seller and I have a week or two or a month to get to know it, photograph it, find an appropriate place in the display case and hopefully continue communications with the seller. Ah well, that's my justification for not being able to spend hundreds of dollars whenever I feel like it!

How ever a Dealer friend in Sweden has commissioned the production of 300 of these reels in size 5500 and 6500. Contact him as soon as possible if you wish to secure one or both of these reels at a very good price. Contact him at

Fiskespecialisten [61444@telia.com]

Details of the reels are below




My name is Magnus from Sweden.

I have now designed my own reel and  Abu Garcia (Pure fishing) will produce the reel for me in the middle of May. The reel will be produced in a limited number of  300 reels in each size 5500C and 6500C.

I have already sold nearly 50% of the reels. I think this reel will be interesting for collectors or to have something special to fish with that not everybody uses.


If you have interest in  placing an order of the reels please contact me for price and quanties.

Fiskespecialisten [61444@telia.com]  

5500C Midnight Blue :
2 Stainless Steel Bearings
Precision Brass Gears
Double handle
Gear Raito     5,3:1
Line capacity       12/255 (lb.test/yds)
Weight           13.1 (ounces)
6500C Midnight Blue
2 Stainless Steel Bearings
Smooth Powerful Star-wheel Drag
Line Out Alarm
Gear Ratio       5,3:1
Line capacity       14/245 (lb.test/yds)
Weight      14,1 (ounces)
This is a picture of the prototype of the reel
Thanks Magnus