Ambassadeur 5000D Green

5000 Standard Red classic reel Gear ratio of 1:3.56 (40CM LINE PER CRANK)

5000 B has optional check fitted and 20% larger line capacity

5000 D (1974) simplified features requested by US Bass anglers.
It is green, has direct drive and constant in -mesh drive.                                   Gear ratio is 1:3.56 retrieving 40cm line per crank. The reel has the optional check and is fitted with a larger double handle. The reel is economically priced.

5000 C These reels are black and supplied with ball bearings for silky smooth long distance casting.

New to the series are the

5500C Different graphite grey finish and high speed gearing of 1:4.66 retrieves 52cm of line per crank.

The reels above were supplied with leatherette case and spares/tool

5001 C Identical to the 5000C (black) except for left hand winding (1973)             5000C De Luxe is the one for those who can afford 24ct gold plating. It has a lifetime guarantee This reel comes with membership of the International Ambassadeur Club and is supplied in a handsome teak case, badge and pin.