The Reelstown Guide to

ABU Spinning Reels

of Sweden 


Marco Malavasi



This brilliant  book eminating from Italy  is a 200X150 mm soft cover  written in English and contains 360 pages with nearly 800 colour images (many from Marco's outstanding personal collection)   of ABU spinning reels and the history of ABU of Sweden.





This magnificient  book covers very thoroughly ABU spinning reels , in great detail from the fifties through to the early eighties when their production in Sweden ceased to become produced in the far east , presumably to lower labour costs. ABU made forays in USA and Zebco , (it's agent in USA ), and is well covered here too.

Please buy this book sight unseen, and add this hefty tome to your collection before they start changing hands for multiples of their cover price!

  It is the most significant literary work on ABU Spinning reels to date (and more than likely forever)


The cost for each of the book limited in its production run of 260  is 54.00 EURO plus 12.00 EURO for shipping worldwide . Contact Marco  MALAVASI   oldfisherman56@tiscali.it  

The book will soon be in the hands of only a lucky 259 other ABU fans.

I believe there are only 100 left available after the first few weeks selling!

I have issue # 11. 

Buy it below,  sight unseen, in good faith knowing it will become a central text in your collection  to further  your understanding of ABU and its glorious history.. Fascinating, even for those not remotely interested in fishing.

Congratulations Marco, you have done all us ABU fans proud!

Wayne Real