Personal Interest Details

I have been an enthusiastic photographer since I was 13 when I bought my first camera viz a second hand Zeiss Ikon compact 35mm.

Since then I have owned so many; Practica, Pentax K2, Many Nikon with last  traditional 35mm being a Nikon FA. Then with digital, a very early and the ever  first Casio, many Sonys' until now I use the Sony DSC F801 (8 megapixel). Next step up will no doubt be a Nikon Digital SLR.

I have quite a collection of older cameras that I would gladly trade for ABU fishing reels now.

I have fished for 45 years+ and never tire of the greatest hobby of all.

My family journeys have seen me (and my camera)  fish in the Republic of Ireland, Papua and New Guinea, Lorde Howe Island, Snowy Mountains and the USA.

I have friends now (due to my ABU collection) from  all over the world. Some who have visited and fished with me want me to call on them in the future  to try the fishing in their areas. Sweden is my first choice and I hope to renew some fishing friendships in coming years.

From my boat, catching a billfish, wahoo and Dolphin Fish would be my main goals here in our waters.

In northern climes I would love to catch a Salmon (Salmo Salar), Grayling and an Arctic Char.