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This is a water-colourized picture of myself with ABU 6500 CT Mag Elite and a nice little Grunter about a kilogram. Good fighters and also good eating.

See if you can find this large estuary on the coast east of Rockhampton and south of the boat harbour.

 I live in Yeppoon Central Queensland AUSTRALIA. My main fishing area is the Capricorn Coast, so named as we live on the Tropic of Capricorn. (approx 153E 23S)

This is the extreme southern end of the Great Barrier Reef and the Keppel Island group named by Captain Cook on his exploratory journey through this area in 1770, and is my mainstay for saltwater fishing.

The mighty Fitzroy River, near Rockhampton, with the second largest catchment of any river in Australia, provides good crabbing (for Queensland Mudcrab) and fishing (for Barramundi) are some of the piscatorial attractions for locals and tourists alike.

I hope you enjoy the satellite images and points of interest ie fishing spots... courtesy  of Google maps

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   My local weather situation at Yeppoon, Central Queensland,  AUSTRALIA.