Mikael is a mate of mine who resides in Sweden and to my mind has been one of the great collectors of ABU fishing equipment over many years.  His website came to my notice some months after my starting this site. On contacting him in August 05, we have become good friends. His unselfishly shared information with me for me to develop my website and never saw me as a competitor, quite possibly because we hold similar attitudes of wanting to promote ABU and wishing for  others worldwide to share our knowledge and passion for the marque.

Recently he has seen fit to sell a lot of his collection back to the Borgstom family to whom we are all grateful for the creation of ABU. He is still a passionate fisherman like myself and we look longingly across the world at each others catches on other sides of the world,  using ABU.

These shots are not totally representative of Mikael's fishing and in time he will no doubt contribute different shots ice fishing, trolling etc.