Personal Interest Details

I was really born to fish, (no pun intended) with Grandparents and parents well experienced and keen to share knowledge. So in 1958, for my 5th birthday, my most treasured possession was a 6 foot split cane rod and a 4 inch bakelite Alvey reel. The years passed gaining experience and moving through a succession of rods and reels, including rangoon monster whole bamboo cane rods, cheap and built at home . Eventually a 12 foot sloppy Slazenger became the weapon of choice.

Technically my mental ABU collection started in the 1967 when I first developed an awareness of the ABU brand name via the purchase of ABU lures. As a teenager, with scant resources paying out a whole fortnight's pocket money to buy just one Black and silver ABU Killer (like the Henry Ford choice)  or a luminous 3 inch ABU Hilo, taught one to cast carefully, use fairly heavy line and be prepared to swim and retrieve in order to be able to afford to fish these imported baits. Reels for me were still Alvey sidecast or Mitchell Spinning reels.
At this stage, I had never heard of, let alone seen a multiplier or for that matter an ABU reel in the few sports stores in my small town of Rockhampton. When I graduated high school and headed off to the big smoke of Brisbane and Kelvin Grove Teacher's College, I had the opportunity to become more exposed to the big city brands. ABU 5000/6000's were my dream!  
Being a poor student whose summer time holiday jobs funded book purchases for the next semester and year, I never considered purchasing one of these dreams machines. I was not corrupted by similar but cheaper copies! I went without untill , instead of having a big party fro my 21st birthday, I requested my parents to give me an ABU 6000C. I'm not sure whether my Mother could see or appreciate its value but there was no doubt in the my mind about its lusterous black shine and silky smooth mechanism.
I have never looked back when it came to choice of fishing tackle. 1976 saw me in London with mate Lindsay doing the usual Aussie fella thing of buying a Volkswagen van outside Australia House and touring Europe. I never could convince him to move away from his Mitchell but I haven't given up yet. My other fishing schoolmate Arthur was much easier as he now has 3 Ambassadeurs.  My collection really got a move on in London, with the purchase of a red ABU 7000 (was there any other colour?) , an ABU Diplomat 662 and an Atlantic 484. So with the existing 6000C from my 21st birthday,  two matched outfits were at last in my armoury!

If you have any ABU equipment other than that  listed , that are unneeded  or doubles in your collection and are available for a reasonable fee, I would be very pleased to hear from you.