Fintan Real

" " Website Designer


Fintan has taken on board many hours of instructions and sometimes had to fathom vague  ideas from me about how this site should look and feel but largely he has been let run with it to create , modify, cut and paste code  for the cascading style sheets, photo-shopping the images that I have captured as well as  establishing the FTP uploading process. Not to mention the endless "How do I ....?" questions I fire at him when I am doing the mere hack work of adding the textual data and images and of course coming up with the new brilliant extensions to the site in future!

Great reviews of the site to date and I have been asking Fintan to take on board suggested changes as they are put forward. I think we will be going to a .net (dot net) format soon to make templates easier. Some subtle graphical changes will appear.



 Needless to say , he has achieved a lot, considering the hand he has been dealt in the lottery of life. Fintan is my 27 year old son who has Duschene Muscular Dystrophy, and used to love fishing when he could hold a rod. Now he enjoys it through me and usually is awake at the wee hours of the morning when I depart on a fishing trip. We now help him eat as well as all the other usual personal tasks but I'd be lost without him. He cuts pretty good computer code now and wields a mean Photoshop paintbrush  I recon. Long may he keep keeping on! We can learn lots from his quiet achievements in life. A dyed in the wool Cronulla Sharks Rugby Leagues supporter, his team is yet to win their first premiership! 2008 sees them presently 3rd on the Premiership ladder!

One day I hope to win the Lotto and be rich enough to own a 7 metre boat which will accomodate him and his wheelchair and allow him to be part of the fishing again.


The shy bloke will be coerced into writing a few lines about himself in time I guess.

Hopefully I'll get him to share a little more with you in future.